Calamity Day Lesson Plan

Here are the lesson plans for any make up calamity days!
The lesson is due 2 weeks after the calamity day.
Please email me if you have questions at  .
ELesson # 1

A SNOW day lesson !


Go to the website:

            Using the information on the left side bar under Snowflake Physics to answer the following question:


1. Where does snow come from?

2. What is the difference between snow and sleet?

3. Why is snow white?

4. Is it ever too cold to snow?

5. Is it REALLY true that no two snow flakes are alike?

ELesson # 2
                                                    How about a Video! 

 Go to the website : 


 Watch videos of 5 elements that interest you! Give me 5 fun facts about each element you view!


ELesson # 3
                                                 Matter Around My House 


 There are many Elements, Compounds, Heterogeneous Mixtures and Homogeneous Mixtures in every household. You are on a hunt to find 3 examples of each type of matter listed. For full credit, you must give a rationale for each example as to why it is that specific type of matter.