Calamity Day Lesson Plan

Here are the lesson plans for any make up calamity days!

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ELesson Day # 1

Interactive Periodic Table ! 

     Go to the website : 


         Watch videos of 5 elements that interest you! Give me 5 fun facts about each element you view!

ELesson Day # 2
                                                    Matter Around My House 


 There are many ElementsCompoundsHeterogeneous Mixtures and Homogeneous Mixtures in every household. You are on a hunt to find 3 examples of each type of matter listed. For full credit, you must give a rationale for each example as to why it is that specific type of matter.

ELesson Day # 3
  With the cancellation of March Madness - here is another sweet 16 bracket you can do. Please click the PDF below to download the bracket. You will need your periodic table and poly-atomic ion sheet. Make sure you write the formulas neutrally. 
Jessica Bey,
Mar 18, 2020, 6:15 AM